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Top 3 Benefits of Dual AUS — Fairway's Latest in Mortgage Technology

Fairway leans on technology to create a seamless client experience, for both you and your borrowers.  As we push the mortgage industry forward, we continue to provide our brokers with the most efficient processes.  

Our latest enhancement to aid you on this bumpy journey? Dual AUS for Conventional Products.

Fairway’s Dual AUS makes it possible to run DU, LPA, or both at the same time — all within our DRIVER portal. In a nutshell: it offers more efficiency when determining the eligibility of your borrowers and provides appraisal and property inspection waiver comparisons. This one-click feature is specifically designed to automate the reviewal process of the GSE’s AUS findings reports for conventional products.

With the release of this technology, we thought we would share a few benefits — everything you need to know about DUAL AUS and (more importantly) what it does for your current system.

Here they are:

Streamlined Process

Save yourself a few extra steps and few extra headaches. With Dual AUS, your process becomes smooth and streamlined. Cut out the time-consuming tasks of bouncing between DU and LPA or having to pull up separate AUS findings reports and comparing.

Dual AUS submission gives your borrowers more optionality — leading to more favorable loan conditions. And because dual AUS saves time, borrowers benefit from a shorter loan application process and can get into their homes faster.


“Time is money.”

-        Every mortgage broker

Dual AUS allows for quicker decision-making! With the ability to see both options simultaneously, you can swiftly identify property inspection waivers, agency approvals, and appraisals.  Using one click and one screen, you’ll shave off time from the mortgage process — choosing the best product for your customer as early as possible.

Freedom of Choice

Along with expediting the mortgage process, dual AUS gives you the freedom to select the agency of your choice. Don’t use up more time than is necessary! Choose which agency requires the least amount of income documentation to proceed and take that loan to the finish line.


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  • Published By: Jordan Morales
  • Date Published: October 05, 2021

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