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5 Marketing Tips Every Mortgage Broker Needs

A sales pipeline flowing like the River of Jordan. Steady, consistent profits. Very few businesses get the opportunity to experience these beautiful wins. More often, companies operate with a roller coaster-like path of unpredictable highs and disappointing lows. Moving towards uncertainty. How can you curb this problem of juggling inconsistent and uncertain profits, you ask?

One word: Marketing.

It’s what gives you that nice fluid motion on your golf swing. It’s that hot, fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Simply put — it makes things easier.

With the right marketing campaigns in place, you won’t need to scurry to hit end-of-year sales numbers. We understand that putting time into marketing is a difficult concept for some; it doesn’t yield results immediately. At least, not as immediate as we’d like. That said, there’s no way around it — marketing creates more wins and brings in quality prospects.

With that, let’s get into the meat of it. Here are 5 marketing tips that will generate quality leads, bring more business, and set you up for a breakout year in 2022.

Provide Value FIRST

Folks tend to take care of those who took care of them. Reciprocity and relationships are at the core of what brokers do. Want to be remembered? Invest in your clients’ stories. Learn about what makes their situation unique. Before jumping to product promotion and getting straight to it — leverage relationships, communications, and client interactions.

SMS marketing, for example, is a great tactic. Use a text thread to keep your customers informed about the latest sales and bargains. Use email marketing to incentivize your clients with rewards and champion loan progress milestones. Utilize interactive ads to engage new clients — shoot some serotonin into their lives with contests, games, and videos.

Take a minute to audit your marketing efforts.

Ask yourself a couple of questions:

      -        Am I providing value to the client?

      -        Is my marketing dedicated to promoting products?

      -        Am I giving FIRST, asking for business SECOND?


Study the Competition

This one seems self-explanatory, but it is very important. If you want to gain the edge over your competitors, you must understand who they are and (more importantly) how they’re attracting customers. Create a base, learn what marketing efforts are working, learn which are not, and work from there. Continually innovate ways to provide value for your clients, and you’ll find yourself leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.


Focus on Referrals

This shouldn’t be too difficult if you follow tip number one. If you provide an exceptional experience to your clients, why wouldn’t they want to share their stories with the world? Referrals are one of the most effortless forms of marketing. You’ve established the relationships. You’ve provided value. All you ask is that you pass that experience along.

Here are some ways you can get referral leads:

-        Reviews: Ask for reviews. It shouldn’t be painstaking if you’ve done an exceptional job getting folks into their dream home. After working with a client, let them know you appreciate their business and ask (kindly) to leave a review so that you can continue helping others.


-        Anniversary Videos: Don’t immediately wipe your hands clean of your clients. Stay relevant — even after you close. A fantastic way to remind past clients of your efforts is by sending them a Happy Homebuying Anniversary video every year. It’s a subtle reminder that you enjoyed working with them and that you’re still around. If they get asked who helped them find their dream home — guess whose name is at the top of their heads?


-        Check-In: Seems innocuous, but you’d be surprised how often check-ins lead to more business. A simple holiday email or happy birthday wish reminds clients that you care about them as an individual. It shows you value the relationship.


Engage on Social Media

A website and a social media presence. The two must-have marketing tools in any broker’s toolbox. Social media offers a great way to advertise for free. Posting valuable content regularly and engaging with others on social media is a terrific way to get to the screens of your target audience. Include blogs, articles, and tips/tricks. Learn which platforms your clients use and live in those spaces.

[Click here if you’d like some killer social media post ideas.]


Market to Real Estate Agents

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 88% of homebuyers went through a real estate agent when searching for a new home. We’d say that is a high enough percentage for you to focus some marketing towards — don’t you think? These relationships are vital for your business. A fantastic way to market to agents in your network would be to create a short, bi-weekly market update. Keep it short, sweet, and concise. No need to hound them with a return of clients. Provide value and create partnerships. That’s the name of the game here.

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  • Published By: Jordan Morales
  • Date Published: November 09, 2021

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