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How to Have a Successful Small Business Saturday

Sitting right between the chaos of Black Friday and the online deals of Cyber Monday is a fairly new “holiday” that shines a light on American small businesses: Small Business Saturday. The national holiday, which was first observed on November 27, 2010, is a counterpart to corporate retail and massive e-commerce stores. It focuses on the small, local businesses that serve as the backbone of our great nation’s economy. The community builders. The hand-shakers. The

The pandemic hasn’t been soft on small businesses, so now more than ever — it’s vital that we highlight their importance. Especially for you, as a business owner, it’s the perfect time to get in front of your community and remind them of your importance as a local broker.

Whether this is your first Small Business Saturday (congrats!) or you’re a veteran looking for some fresh ideas — this guide will help make the most out of your Small Business Saturday.


Host a Small Business Saturday Event

Whether it’s a small-scale luncheon or a large jamboree, hosting an event is a fantastic way to connect with your community and build your brand. Along with engaging with your potential clients — hosting an event on Small Business Saturday lets you add a personal touch, a human aspect to your brand.

This is a perfect time to get creative:

      -        One-day promotions

      -        Games and/or Giveaways

      -        Co-host event with neighboring businesses


Engage on Social Media

No doubt #SmallBusinessSaturday will be trending this Saturday. Why not create content and stay relevant in your community? Promoting Small Business Saturday throughout your social media platforms is a great way to get the word out across your town. Especially with more and more millennial shoppers in the market, you’ll want to keep your online followers engaged and eager to help their local broker. Additionally, if you are hosting an event — keeping your followers in the loop will get them more excited and more likely to participate.


Simple Flyers & Posters

What some may consider outdated marketing — we would say is right on brand with Small Business Saturday. Alerting your customers and potential clients that you’ll be celebrating the day is a fantastic awareness tactic. Adding posters to the front of your office or handing out flyers within a prominent location nearby will help spread the word about your brand.

You can use free programs like Canva to design and create simple flyers, or you can fill out and print American Express’s template flyers here.


Send a Small Business Saturday Email

An excellent way to connect with your existing and prospective customers is by sending a lighthearted email reminding them of your participation in Small Business Saturday. Nothing long and drawn-out. A simple “Thank you” for existing customers or a “Happy Small Business Saturday” for prospects will suffice.

Tip: Avoid the urge to include product and sales jargon — it’s a holiday.


Fairway and Small Business Saturday

As we celebrate Small Business Saturday, Fairway Wholesale Lending is here to support you. Whether you need social media posts to promote the holiday or a simple email to promote your brand — we are here to fully support our broker partners.


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  • Published By: Jordan Morales
  • Date Published: November 26, 2021

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