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Holiday Marketing Tips: 'Tis The Season for Mortgage Brokers

‘Tis the season folks; the holidays are upon us! What better time to spread your joy and brand across the community?  During this season of giving, we’d like to offer you some marketing tips — just some nuggets of information you can fit into your Christmas stocking. So, whether you’re having a slow business season, or you are absolutely crushing it, here are some low-budget, low-effort marketing initiatives that will keep you top of mind during the holidays.

And if done well, these marketing tips can lay the groundwork for a profitable spring season

Time to spread the cheer!

Social Media Engagement (Holiday Edition)

Engaging on social media may be the easiest way to reach all your clients in one fell swoop. Not to mention, the cheapest. Especially with millennial shoppers flooding multiple platforms — you’ll want to keep your online following engaged and eager to visit their local broker.

However, it’s the holidays. We can’t have you post a ‘Merry Christmas’ graphic with Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree in the background and expect a ton of engagement. The holidays are about creating memories — so, become memorable.

With a quick Google search, you can find multiple video-making sites online. There’s no shortage of companies that offer creative videos for social media. A nice holiday greeting video (as cheesy as it may sound) is a fantastic way to stand out and add a little flare this season.

We’d recommend it not only be creative but personal to your audience.

Here are a couple of free* sites:

      -        Vimeo

      -        Animoto

      -        Biteable

* - The free subscription typically comes company name branded within the video. If you’d like a non-branded video, you will need to upgrade your subscription.

Holiday Referral Contest

We understand you might already have a referral program. As you should. But try adding ‘Holiday’ in front and creating a campaign around it — makes it much more enticing. A holiday-themed referral “contest” is a sure-fire way to get clients excited about the festive season and your brand.


 (Photo: Zazzle 2015 Holiday Referral Contest)

We recommend setting aside a tiny portion of your marketing budget to offer an attractive prize to the person who referred the most customers to you in December (or another holiday month). Also, feel free to get smaller prizes for second and third-place winners.

Host a Holiday Get-Together

Small luncheon or large Christmas party — hosting a holiday event is a terrific way to connect with your community and build your brand. Along with direct engagement with your audience, hosting your own jamboree lets you add a face to your broker brand. A human aspect. This is your chance to not only lean into the festivities of the holidays but can use the event to get feedback directly from your potential clients. Learn what they want to see in their community next year. See where their friendly neighborhood broker can help.

Here are some additional tips to pull off the ultimate holiday gathering:

      -        Cater some seasonal small bites. (People love small versions of big foods)

      -        Decorations are a must! It’s the holidays

      -        Put together small goodie bags for your guests (if you have the budget)

      -        Games/giveaways

      -        Co-host event with partners or neighboring businesses


Fairway is Here to Help You Spread Holiday Cheer

Fairway Wholesale Lending is here to celebrate the holidays with YOU! Whether you need holiday social media posts or a simple email invite to your Christmas party — we are here to fully support our broker partners.


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  • Published By: Jordan Morales
  • Date Published: December 10, 2021

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