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Spreading the #FairwayJOY — A Joyful Initiative

A large part of our Fairway culture is celebrating JOY through acts of caring, kindness, and happiness within our communities across our #FairwayNation!  
Remember, #FairwayJOY is a movement that happens all year round.

“Loans are what we do, not who we are.”

-   Steve Jacobson, CEO/Founder

Introduced in May 2016, #FairwayJoy and #FairwayJOY week were initiatives created to celebrate and cultivate Fairway’s joyfulness. We use this week to focus on Fairway’s outreach and sharing of joy!

Want to Take Part in The JOY?

Here are some ways to get involved:

  • October is #PaintTheStreetPink / Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Other Ways to Spread Kindness

  • Coordinate a Food Drive or Clothing Drive for a week or month 
  • Support your local business by ordering food or buying gift cards.
  • Shop online for groceries and tip well!
  • Be extra kind to those in a high customer service role you interact with.
  • Deliver care packages to first-responders or send cards/care packages to healthcare workers.
  • Foster an animal (give them a home and in turn, they will give you some love and companionship when you have the perfect amount of time for attention).
  • Volunteer at a local food bank/pantry.
  • Start a kindness trend on social media and tag others, sharing inspiring stories and acts of kindness from others -- it's contagious (the good kind)!
  • Donate to a cause important to you:

Keeping Spreading the JOY

Did you know? Fairway has a Facebook #FairwayJOY Group. Click HERE to join our community!

We invite anyone (within Fairway or outside of Fairway) to keep the JOY alive! Post your JOY Facebook and Instagram using #FairwayJOY.

 Be the reason someone smiles today!

  • Published By: Jordan Morales
  • Date Published: September 07, 2021

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